Tori (Torgel, Torri) Manor – Türi vald

Tori manor is one of the oldest manor houses in Türi parish. The very first statements about the manor date from 1474.  It was constituted of 1064 tessatiner / ha.  The main building, with plastered  limestone walls, is  located  close to the road  between Türi village and Näsuvere mill.  At the manor entrance gates you also find an old building for drying the corn, constructed of yellow-grey limestone as well.

Already in the early days the manor was connected to Näsuvere mill,  owned by Gert Goess Barthold Riszbitter.  1569 the mill got a new owner, Hansz Wartmann. Besides the Näsuvere mill he was also the owner of Tori estate, Luisza mill and Rikassaare farm.  At the year of 1620 Herman Nierodt took control over these estates.

1686 Tori manor is mentioned as  being a part of the nearby located Särevere manor. 1725 mrs  Mahnerburg took the manor on lease together with 3 villages where 13 families were living. The family Nierodt owned the property until 1732. In 1734-1739 it was given in pledge to  Carl Magnus von Reinher.

From 1744 Tori manor belonged to Johann von UexkĂĽll Guldenband. In 1789 his successors leased out the properties together with 160 people who lived there to Georg Johann von Wrangel. 1811 Paul von Bucker rented the manor. 1816-1818 Gustav Evald von Scharenberg was the owner of Tori manor, with 214 people.

In 1834  Justinus Frey bought Tori manor. The last owner before the nationalizing in 1919 was his grandchild Dietrich Frey, who soon after returned to Germany. At that time the property consisted of Tori manor and Tännassilma estate. One of the oldest farms was Mättase.

The latest historical renovation  is dated to 1850-1860. From 1919 until 1976 the manor has been used as a school. Since 2002 Tori manor again is in private ownership. The buildings are surrounded by a park, 2 ha large,  with oaktrees planted many hundred years ago.